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World War II and the Dade Battlefield

World War II was fought between the Axis Powers (Germany in most of continental Europe, Italy dominating the Mediterranean Sea, and Japan throughout East Asia and the Pacific) and the Allied Powers (United States, Great Britain, Soviet Union, France, and China). Involving over 30 countries, about 70 million people were killed during World War II. The Allies defeated Nazi Germany and Japan in 1945, bringing the largest and deadliest war in human history to an end.

From January to June 1944, the U.S. Army 622nd Air Warning Signal Company was stationed at the Dade Battlefield Historic State Park, which was then called Dade Memorial Park. This contemporary sketch, drawn by one of the men stationed there, shows a number of tents, mess hall, supply room, shower room, and motor pool, stretching south, east and north from the area of the breastworks on the 1835 battle site. Other structures were peppered throughout other nearby areas, effectively transforming the park into an active military base.

Sumter County

Army Honor List of those Killed during World War II

Technical Sergeant Robert F. Bennett

Private Fronie L. Boyd

Private Jessie W. Connell

Private Walton C. Driggers

Technician Fifth Grade Joseph R. Fort

First Lieutenant Huland K. Hunt

Technician Fifth Grade Hubert McAlister

Private First Class Virgil M. Odell

Private Mark S. Perry

Sergeant Robert T. Prevatt

Private First Class William H. Scott

Private Rufus Sigmon

Private Leon R. Simmons

Private First Class Alva L. Stinson

Technician Third Grade John A. Todd

Private Dennie W. Tompkins

First Lieutenant Ira R. Whipple

Sergeant Emmitt C. Whitman

Sergeant Roy D. Wilkinson

If you have name(s) of Sumter county residents that were in the military and were killed during World War II, please email us at

We would like to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

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