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No, the Dade Entrance Arch is Not Gone for Good!

July 5, 2024

When visitors familiar with Dade Battlefield drive into the park, they will notice something different.

Where did the iconic archway over the park entrance go?

No, it isn't gone for good. The much-photographed, historic iron arch has been carefully removed for restoration.

A close look at structure would have revealed extensive rust that went far beyond pitting. It was due for a complete overhaul, and the park is sending it out for professional repairs. Its return date will depend on the progress once it's in the shop, and we'll keep you posted.


Dade Battlefield Historic State Park, acquired by the State of Florida in 1921, is the second oldest site in the state whose protection and preservation is designated as being in the best interests of its citizens. Although for two generations its main use was a recreational spot for nearby residents, it's main focus was never lost: a memorial to the brave men, both soldiers and Native Americans, whose 1835 battle marked the beginning of the Second Seminole War, the longest armed conflict in the first 195 years of American history. In the mid-1950's the State moved to more formally embrace the 80-acre property into its official park system, making improvements and other steps to bring the actual battlefield's appearance back to what it was when Major Francis L. Dade's command had been defeated by a greatly superior Seminole force.


In 1987, the Dade Battlefield Society, formed with support from both the local community and others interested in preserving our natural and cultural heritage, became the park's Citizen Support Organization. Our Society is concerned with increasing public awareness of Dade Battlefield and its significance through living history events, nature programs, social functions, educational and recreational activities, festivals, and our highly authentic annual reenactment of Dade’s Battle is held each January. We are a diverse group of like-minded volunteers who proudly operate the non-profit Dade Battlefield Society exclusively for charitable purposes.


The production of Dade’s Battle is by far our proudest achievement each year, but the Dade Battlefield Society does so much more. Here is a small sampling:

  • Historic era interpretation services to the National Guard, the U. S. National Staff College, and a host of schools over three counties.
  • Membership in and participation with other groups that enhance the public's awareness and appreciation of nature, historic times and culture.
  • Enhancement of youth education and citizenship through field trips, quality outreach programs, sponsoring of scholarships, and creation of the Dade Pioneers for school-age children and Dade's Youth for teens interested in earning volunteer hours, while allowing them to become Dade Battlefield Society members.
  • Donations and purchases of equipment, materials and supplies for the direct benefit of Dade Battlefield Historic State Park.
  • Donation of our time and talents to support a wide range of park events and programs.


Dade Battlefield Historic State Park is located at 7200 Battlefield Parkway, Bushnell, FL 33513 (Battlefield Parkway was formerly known as CR 603). The phone number for the park is (352) 793-4781.

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